Caorle, a worthwhile village

Caorle, a worthwhile village

by davide

The historic centre of Caorle is a concentration of art and tradition: thanks to its pastel-coloured houses and narrow streets, you will get the impression of being in a small Venice. After walking along the main street called “Rio Terrà”, enjoying a good drink in one of the characteristic bars of the centre, the Cathedral of Santo Stefano deserves a visit: its cylindrical bell tower, 48 meters high, became, over the years, the symbol of the city. From Piazza Vescovado, you can then go on towards the seafront and admire the famous cliff: dozens of sculptors have given particular shapes to the rocks, turning them into real works of art. From the seafront you can see the other religious symbol of our city: The Sanctuary of the Madonna dell’ Angelo, on a promontory overlooking the Adriatic Sea, which offers a beautiful view of both beaches: the Levante Beach and the Ponente Beach.

The relationship between Caorle and culture is very strong. One of Caorle newest museums is the National Museum of Archaeology of the Sea, just 350 meters from the Hotel. The museum preserves important findings from the Prehistoric and Roman periods, found in Caorle area. The Liturgical Museum, is located in the historic centre, on Piazza Vescovado, just opposite the Duomo. The Museum preserves ornaments, precious relics belonging to Pope John XXIII and other  important works of art, too.

On the hot summer days, a perfect alternative to the beach is the Aquafollie Water Park, only 600 meters from our hotel. With its swimming pools, slides and picnic areas, it is perfect for families with children but also for all adults who want to spend a carefree day.

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