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Boat excursions

In addition to cycling, one of the most characteristic ways to visit the surroundings of Caorle is certainly the motor ship. During the summer, the motor ship “Arcobaleno”, with boarding from the fishing harbour located in the old town, offers a route to discover the lagoon valleys. In addition, “Caorle” motor ship gives you the possibility to go to Venice by boat, directly from Caorle: two hours of navigation to reach the Serenissima in a different way!

The islands of Venice

The visit of Venice should not be limited only to the city: its lagoon is home to some famous islands that are definitely worth a visit!

Murano, famous for its glass processing, is the biggest island of the lagoon. Here you can visit The Glass Museum at Palazzo Giustinian and the traditional furnace, with glass masters who explain step by step the process of creation of glass works.

Burano, where the colours of the houses are reflected into the water, is counted among the 10 most colourful places in the world. Walk through the narrow calli of the island and lose yourself in the little shops of typical local products: the art of lace has been for years the main manufacturing activity of the island!

Torcello: the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta has beautiful mosaics inside. Near the Basilica you can cross the famous Ponte del Diavolo, one of the two bridges of the island and, finally, a visit to the Provincial Museum of Torcello is interesting for all archaeology lovers with finds about the history of Venice and its islands.

Padova & Vicenza

The city of Padua is one of the most important reference points of the culture in Veneto, less than an hour and a half from Caorle. The Scrovegni Chapel, which houses one of the most important fresco-cycles of the world, the Basilica of Sant’Antonio and Piazza delle Erbe are just some of the main points of interest offered by the city.

Vicenza, about an hour and a half from Caorle, is called the “City of Palladio”, with reference to Andrea Palladio, the architect who designed at the end of the Renaissance in the Vicenza area, most of his architectural works. Thanks to is monuments and villas, the city became UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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